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Our Fee Policy

Because most of the work we do for our clients is performed when our clients are not present, we believe it is important to explain how our fees are determined and to detail the services for which our clients are paying.


We seek always to provide the most effective representation in order to achieve the best possible result at a reasonable cost. Thus, it is our objective to establish a fair fee for all services provided. This means that the fee must be fair to both the client and the firm. A fair fee should take into account the amount of time reasonably required to perform the service, the degree of expertise and experience of the persons performing the service, the difficulty of the work, and the time constraints caused by the urgency of the undertaking.

We maintain detailed records showing the nature of services we perform and the time we devote to such services. These records itemize services such as:

  • Conferences with our client
  • Conferences with other representatives of our client
  • Representing our client in discussions with opposing counsel, union representatives and agency personnel
  • Planning a resolution of the problems presented by the case and conferring with other attorneys in the firm to test the theories and solutions to the problems
  • Researching legal questions
  • Preparing documents and court pleadings
  • Reviewing and preparing correspondence
  • Telephone conferences for or with our client
  • Representing our client in depositions, arbitrations and mediations
  • Court appearances

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A lawyer’s product is not just his or her time. It is also his or her experience, judgment, research, access to the courts, support staff, library and equipment. Time is simply a relatively efficient way to set a monetary value for these products. Therefore, hourly rates are established for each attorney in our firm and are determined primarily by the experience of that individual.

WILEY PRICE & RADULOVICH, LLP has alternative pricing arrangements with several of its clients. The firm has negotiated pre-determined fixed fee arrangements for labor arbitrations, negotiations and training. An estimate of fees and costs can always be provided once the problem has been defined, and we are pleased to provide such an estimate upon request. Because unusual or complicating factors sometimes arise, and because it is not possible to foresee the exact course a matter may take, an estimate should not be interpreted as a binding fee quotation.

Costs advanced by us and expenses incurred on our client’s behalf are billed to the client at our cost. There is no administrative charge or mark-up. The expenses for which we seek reimbursement include:

  • Court costs
  • Fees of expert witnesses
  • Arbitrator fees
  • Deposition costs
  • Filing fees
  • Travel expenses
  • Photocopying and printing
  • Messenger fees
  • Postage

There is no charge for in-office support, sending or receiving facsimile transmissions, or computer aided legal research.