Happy New Year from WPR

Check back for news you can use in 2016!

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Hello to all of our clients and readers!

Wiley, Price and Radulovich, LLP is proud to begin an active blog site keeping you posted on the latest and greatest news and information from our firm. 

First off, just some background about us.  With offices in Alameda and San Diego, Wiley, Price and Radulovich, LLP represents the public and private sectors throughout California employers in labor and employment law matters. We give our employer-clients responsive, individualized representation and also strive to give the practical advice and problem resolution that California employers require.  Members of our firm also conduct workplace misconduct investigations, as well as training to help employers comply with the various laws governing the workplace, including sexual harassment prevention training. Formed in 1996, our success is driven through our client loyalty in serving them in productive, efficient and cost-effective ways.  Our commitment to a diverse and supportive work environment, with an emphasis on teamwork, helps us to understand our client’s needs and provide solutions to their employment problems.  

For more information, a listing of previous clients, and biographies of the five attorneys, please visit our website: www.wprlaw.com

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for up-and-coming seminar and presentation dates and the latest news on Joe, Suzanne, Ian, Joan, Masa, and Monna.

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